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Team with “no limits”, ready to assist with any graphic challenge, no matter whether it is by LAND, SEA or AIR.

We are @AureaiSland, @XOXtravels, @StudioMK86, @AdriaticRoadTrip, and @IstriaGourmet.

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Is a team that specializes in travel planning and can assist you with all your travel needs.

StudioMK86 ® is a new photography and videography service born from our AureaiSland ® parent company which was founded in 2009. The new StudioMK86 is focused on services outside of travel industry and makes use of our decade-long experience in professional photography and videography

About Us

We are a creative team that specializes in photography, video, branding and website design at an affordable price. We provide professional services to tour providers, restaurants, hotels, and private vacation rentals. We take a personal approach on all our projects and value our client’s vision. Let’s work  together on putting your vision to life.

AureaiSland ®  Founder Tomaž Györek & Co-founder Mateja Kocet  2009-2019
XOXtravels ® Founders 
Tomaž Györek & Mateja Kocet  2013-2019

Mateja and Tomaz are professional photographers who specialize in Architectural & Interior Design Photography, tourist resorts, restaurants, and food photography, with services in Slovenia, Croatia, and the USA.

We are a Google Street View Trusted Photographers & Authors Google Local Guide and contribute content like reviews, photos, and edits to Google Maps.

Studio MK86 ®

Studio MK86 ® |

Architectural Photography Sessio, Creative Photography Session, Food Photography Session, Maternity Photography Session, Newborn Photography Session & More.


About Us

StudioMK86 ® is a commercial photography studio specializing in gastronomic photography, brand portraits, Architectural Photography, interior photography, and lifestyle photography. We love working on projects where all parties are excited to create something unique. Whether you want to photograph the gastronomic proposal of a new restaurant or you want to renew the images for your brand, you can count on us.

StudioMK86 ® Founders Tomaž Györek  2019-2019.

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