It was Christmas time…

It was Christmas time. We started our journey early in the morning and it was cold. We drank coffee in MetakXi. The coffee was delicious an decorative, a great start to the day.

While discussing our plans for the day while sipping on coffee, we decided that our first destination would be Postojna. Shortly we were on our way and the time passed quickly. As we arrived at the hotel, the owner showed us around and told us that the hotel was for sale. What a great place this would be to live! The wonderful nature, crisp air, and beatiful sights. One can only dream of living in such an idylic getaway.

We enjoyed our stay in Postojna and went on to Koper. The sun shone as we drove, fooling us that it was warm outside. It was quiet chilly once we arrived there. We went on a walk by the calm sea. The sea water was so clear that you saw deep down and could see huge clams glued to the rocks on bottom of the sea. These shells are called Perzijske Skoljke. The promenade was full of people walking, with couples hugging and holding hands,  warming each other and enjoying the view of the calm sea and its relaxing sound. Looking toward the old town, we noticed the tall church tower and headed towards it as it pulled us with its special charm and energy.

The next destination was Portoroz. We made our way to the sea and took many beautiful pictures with our new 360 camera. Sun was slowly fading away but the scene became even more beautiful with sights of Christmas lights in the dark. We enjoyed the sunset and the reflection of the sunset in the sea, with the Christmas lights all around. We walked toward the loud music that came from the Christmas Bazaar at the Palace Hotel. The market was wonderful, with many home-made, quality products made with love. In the middle of the market there was firepit that kept everyone warm. There was something for everyone, inlcuding wine, soap, jewelry, roasted chestnuts, and much more.

As we walked around, a guide in Portoroz told us that there is a nearby restaurant famous for squid prepared in a special way. It was a place popular with locals who loved seafood. He had us convinced, so we headed to the restaurnat for a delicious dinner.

We stayed in the restaurant until late,  and then headed to an apartment owned by a friend’s aunt to spend a night there.

The next morning we went to Piran. Piran was full of visitors and we couldn’t find a parking. We still managed to make some pictures of souvenirs before continuing on our journey.

We made a quick stop at McDonalfd’s in Koper. The birds were by the entrance patiently awaiting for food. I fed them and took some pics.

We left Slovenia and continued to Croatia. We headed towards Opatija and stopped at a beautiful place on the way there, name unknown.

Opatija greeted us with a beautiful Christmas atmosphere. Opatija is a posh place definitely worth visiting, not only in the summer but also for Christmas. Christmas songs were heard from every corner of the old town. Couples, families, lovers wandered around with joy and warmth radiating from their faces. Sight were mesmerizing and atmosphere uplifting. What a wonderful place to spend our Christmas together!

Author: Mateja Kocet

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