The Island of Love

In the village of Ižakovci, the river Mura has created a natural island, named by the locals as the Island of Love. Perhaps this was because of the romantic surroundings, which have always attracted lovers, or because the island was the spot where the countess Maria Zichy from Beltinci Castle used to secretly meet with her lover. At that time, the countess had her own bathing area on the island, which was also a venue for dances and other gatherings. Today, the island caters for many different activities that attract day trippers, tourists and random visitors. One of the most interesting events is The Days Of Büjraši (büjranje – consolidation, damming up of the riverbed or riverbank of the Mura), a festival dedicated to the lives and work of the büjraši, the people who used to live alongside the Mura.

On the Island of Love, there is also a floating mill – the only one of its kind in Slovenia, which was reconstructed in 1999 from the original plans of one of the former mills on the river Mura. The wooden mill is built entirely on water, together with a huge mill wheel and a miller’s room, where buckwheat, wheat, spelt and maize flour is ground. Visitors can also take a ferry in Ižakovci, which is one of the four remaining ferries on the river Mura. The ferry is made up of two shallow boats linked with a platform. The platform with its enclosure is attached to a steel riverside rope that carries the pulley with the hanging rope. The ferry moves on the river with the help of the river’s current.

The island is known for its beauty and unspoilt nature, and the river Mura, the symbol and soul of the Prekmurje region, makes it even more attractive.


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