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Dolenjska is a traditional region in Slovenia, the southeastern part of the historical Dolenjska region. Wikipedia

Author: Mateja Kocet
Editor: Tomaz Gyorek
Translation: Toni Krasnic
Design: Tomaz Gyorek
Photos: Instagram
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Sleep in the Indian village.

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Taste delicious dishes in the famous Otočec castle.

Play golf in the Mokrice.

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Take a look at the frescoes at the Castle of Brežice.

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Take a walk to the source of the Krka River at Poltarnica.

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Enjoy the adventures at park Otočec.


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Visit the Kostanjenica Cave between April 15 and October 31 (closed at other times). See more

Visit the house of the witch, the land of fairy tales and imagination, and chocolate Olimje chocolate.


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Visit the tower of love at Zusam.


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Go on a panoramic flight to Triglav or Piran with Aeroclub Novo Mesto.

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