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Notranjska is a traditional region of Slovenia, the southwestern part of the larger Notranjska region. It comprises the Hrušica karst plateau up to Postojna Gate, bordering the Slovenian in the west. Wikipedia

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Be astonished by the Reka river which is the longest river of Slovenia and runs through narrow canyons in the Škocjan Caves.

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Go on a train ride through Postojna Cave to be amazed by the wide variety of karst phenomena of interlocking trenches, galleries and halls.

See the castle Grad Predjama that has been reigning for 800 years and is listed as the largest cave castle in the world in Guinness book of records. From May to September, visit the Pivko and Črna jama river.


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In Ilirska Bistrica, along the hidden trail in the old town, you can reach the Sušeč Waterfall, take a walk in Kindlerjev park, visit the Khodnik Mill, Turn Castle, Castle Garden, and the Knight’s Room in the castle, the Novak House, then go hunting at lodge Mašun.

Taste the Karst prosciutto and the red Slovene wine Teran. Visit the EKO Museum of the Pivka Lakes, the Regional Park Rakov Škocijan, and the well-known Lake Cerknica.

Taste the excellent bread, white bread, jute, cracklings and many other homemade delicacies at the Mlakar Guesthouse in the village of Markovec.

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