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The Pomurje Region is a statistical region in northeast Slovenia. It is predominantly agricultural with field crops representing over three-quarters of the total agricultural area. Wikipedia

Author: Mateja Kocet
Editor: Tomaz Gyorek
Translation: Toni Krasnic
Design: Tomaz Gyorek
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Take a look at the three-dimensional landscape with a 53.5 m high tower of the Church of the Holy Trinity.

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Go to the place where the first committee of the Liberation Front was formed and walk around the brook where Copec’s mill stands.


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Go on the Bistrica boat on the Mura River.

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Taste the best of Prekmurje in Kaudila

Go wine tasting at Marof Homestead.

On the island of love in Ižakovci, listen to the murmur of the Mura river.

66. Play golf in Moravske Toplice.

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Visit the Pottery Museum in Filovci.


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Eat Prekmurska Gibanica in one of the pastry shops in Prekmurje.

Take a break from everyday life and enjoy fresh air and tranquility on a real countryside luxury of Kuči.

Visit the Radgon Cellar, famous for its golden sparkling wine.

Taste traditional Bukit Repa, a traditional Prekmurje dish


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See the natural mineral spring in Radenci.

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