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Štajerska Slovenia

Štajerska (Styria), also Slovenian Styria or Lower Styria, is a traditional region in northeastern Slovenia, comprising the southern third of the former Duchy of Styria. Wikipedia

Author: Mateja Kocet
Editor: Tomaz Gyorek
Translation: Toni Krasnic
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In winter, ski in Rogla (Olympic and ski center) or Pohorje.

Enjoy fun activities at Maribor Adventure Park.

Let the children play in the largest Slovene family park Bumbar Park.

Go on a boat ride on Drava with the Drava Vila boat.

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Take a look at the oldest vine in the world along the Lent in Maribor.

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Visit the largest museum in Slovenia, located in Rogatec.

Stay in a large wine barrel that has the quality of a hotel room in the wine village of Terme Ptuj.


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Taste Haloze gibanica, on the tourist farm Lončarič.

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Go wine tasting at the Slovenian Wine Region of Jerusalem.

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